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Why Christmas is the perfect time to plan your office refurbishment

When you are in need of refurbishing your office, it can be an almost impossible task to pick a convenient time. After all, who wants to shut their office down and be at risk of losing revenue? The answer – no one.

That is why the Christmas holidays are the perfect time to have an office refurbishment. Capitalising on the time that the office is empty means that you can carry out a whole range of projects, whether it is just a colour scheme change or something bigger like a whole layout reconfiguration.

office refurbishment

At Universal Contracting, we often work over the festive period to complete renovations and find that even complex projects can be pulled off. Here is a top five list of the type of projects that you can fit into the Christmas holidays:

  1. Office partitioning

If you want to improve the layout of your office and enhance productivity, installing office partitioning systems could be for you. Whether you want to segregate noise, create a space for executives or fashion another room, partitioning is a versatile and quick process that doesn’t cost the earth.

  1. Internal decoration

Does your office need a freshen up? Or are you looking to change the colour scheme to something more energising? Decorating the inside of your office can be a quick and straightforward process, often completely changing the way a place looks and feels.

  1. Full office refurbishment

Depending on your plans, it is entirely possible that with an expert team to hand, you will be able to fit your full office refurbishment into the festive break. From small installations and repairs to cladding, lights and data cabling, when you find a reputable commercial property refurbishment company there will be no job too small.

  1. Electrical jobs

Having the electrics tended to can be a noisy process and is often best tackled when the office is empty. If your building is in need of a rewire or new sockets putting in, the holidays are the perfect time to do it. What is more, they offer a great time to have everything PAT tested in time for the new year.

  1. Washroom refurbishment

Refurbishing the washrooms when the office is full of people is not practical or possible. That is why the Christmas break offers the perfect time to give the loos a makeover. Whether it’s a complete bathroom design and installation or installing a disabled toilet, an experienced property refurbishment company will be able to do the job to a high standard in the given time frame.

At Universal Contracting, we specialise in commercial property refurbishment and renovations throughout Southern England. To see how we can help you achieve your refurbishment aims this Christmas, please call 01794 330 830.