Cavity Wall Insulation

We install and extract cavity wall insulation and also specialise in hard to treat cavity walls.

Cavity Wall InsulationCavity wall Insulation

Universal Contracting provides a comprehensive cavity wall insulation service. Insulated cavity walls will minimise heat loss. We will fill the space in your wall with our two system of cavity wall insulation, this lessens the air within the cavity preventing convection and can substantially reduce space heating costs.

Cavity Wall Extraction

Universal Contracting also provides the process of extracting ineffective cavity wall material after damp has damaged the walls.

This process offers a much better way of returning the property back to its original condition, before the damage was caused. Once wet, the material breaks down, becomes sodden and clumpy, therefore, rendering it inefficient. This inefficiency means that heat is lost through the walls, decreasing the warmth and resulting in using more heating/electricity.


Universal Contracting specialises in cavity wall insulation

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