Red, Yellow, Pink and Green…..

I wouldn’t say that the colours are particularly relevant in this case, but you know how the song goes! A more relevant subject however would be as follows.

Water preservation is something that people all over the world are striving to improve. One way in which larger corporations could contribute to this development is by taking away their standard urinals that waste thousands of litres of water every year, and replacing them with waterless urinals.

Water free urinals are a relatively new product that could make the world of difference – not to mention, they are so much easier and cleaner to maintain than standard urinals.

One of the advantages of installing waterless urinals to your washroom is that it will prevent blocked pipes, which in turn decreases your maintenance costs and reduces any bad odours in your washrooms. The pipe blockages are stopped because of the way the waterless urinals drain – there is a patented cartridge in each urinal that ensures all urine is collected and stored with an airtight seal. Urine is 3% waste and 97% water, and the cartridge acts like a filter and removes the sediment before the urine is passed into the waste pipe, essentially leaving behind grey water. The airtight barrier between the waste pipe and the washroom ensures no bad odours can escape back into the washroom, leaving your urinals looking and smelling perfectly clean.

On the other hand, in a standard urinal when you flush away water combined with urine, the lime scale from the pipes mixes with the urine and causes solid waste. This is what causes blockages and why water free urinals are much better solutions for a clean, pleasant-smelling washroom. This will, in turn, also prevent the problems of having floods in your washrooms as the liquid will always be able to flow freely through the pipes. There are many benefits to waterless urinals UK, but many businesses don’t realise they’re an option.

Having said that, some large business, for example McDonalds, have already got on board with water free urinals and are proud to have them installed in 750 of their UK restaurants. They are also installed in Barcelona’s Camp Nou, the largest football stadium in Europe and the second largest associated football stadium in the world in terms of capacity. If more companies like these start to replace their standard urinals with waterless urinals, the water we can collectively preserve will increase substantially.

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Credit: / EcoAd.