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Five key advantages of office partitioning

An increasing number of businesses in Hampshire and across the UK are dropping open plan office arrangements in favour of more structured working environments, leading to a marked rise in the demand for office partitioning.

Here we explain five key benefits of office partitioning that has led businesses to re-consider their commitment to open plan working.  

Improved acoustics

The communal nature of open plan offices means they are often noisy environments where colleagues in different teams or sections must compete to be heard. The introduction of partitions helps to prevent noise from crossing the office, allowing staff to focus on their own work and conduct phone calls and meetings without background noise.

Increased privacy

All working environments require areas where confidential business can be conducted and office partitioning offers an excellent solution. With a range of options from soundproof glass to heavy duty wall installations, partitions provide an easy way to create private areas within a busy workplace.

Bespoke solutions

Modern office partitions such as demountable walls and stud walls can be manufactured using a wide range of materials such as glass and wood to suit all requirements. These bespoke systems offer partitioning solutions that can be tailored to the exact design and decorative needs of any shape and size of business premises.  

The perfect office up-grade

Because they are available in a wide range of styles and materials, modern office partitions can contribute to making a working environment feel far more colourful and contemporary. Custom-built partitioning can be used to add structure and style to an open plan office, helping to create a more appealing and cutting edge working environment.

Flexible and economical

Office partitioning does not form an essential part of a buildings structure, so can be taken down and moved when the needs of your business change or if you move to new premises. This saves money on the construction of traditional weight-bearing walls and the cost of new partitions should your business choose to move to another building.  

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At Universal Contracting we have a wide selection of bespoke office partitioning systems that can be designed, manufactured and installed according to your exact needs.