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Carpeting or Coating: What is the Best Flooring Solution for Your Workplace?

At Universal Contracting, we are specialists in a number of different flooring solutions to suit any business premises. Whether you are looking to refurbish an office, retail outlet, leisure centre or industrial setting, our multidisciplinary workforce are experienced in sourcing the right solutions for you. We understand that different situations require a different look, which is why we can lay any flooring, from single colour epoxy resin to the finest carpets.



The Commercial Roofing Repairs You May Require This Winter

The winter weather can put a strain on your commercial premises and in particular, the roof of your building.  From ice and plunging temperatures to increased rainfall and snow, the roof is one of the most vulnerable elements of your property throughout the colder months.

It is at this time of year that we see the biggest increase in our commercial roofing repair jobs, as we work hard to ensure that industrial and commercial buildings sustain the minimal amount of interior damage following a roofing problem.



Why Christmas is the perfect time to plan your office refurbishment

When you are in need of refurbishing your office, it can be an almost impossible task to pick a convenient time. After all, who wants to shut their office down and be at risk of losing revenue? The answer – no one.

That is why the Christmas holidays are the perfect time to have an office refurbishment. Capitalising on the time that the office is empty means that you can carry out a whole range of projects, whether it is just a colour scheme change or something bigger like a whole layout reconfiguration.



Is it time to add partitioning to your office?

For many years open plan office systems have been viewed as the template for efficient modern workplaces, but could that be set to change?

In a recent article written for The Telegraph by Dr Nicole Millard, an expert in data, analytics and emerging technology, she argues that the concept of an open plan office has become antiquated and will be phased out in the coming decade.