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Carpeting or Coating: What is the Best Flooring Solution for Your Workplace?

At Universal Contracting, we are specialists in a number of different flooring solutions to suit any business premises. Whether you are looking to refurbish an office, retail outlet, leisure centre or industrial setting, our multidisciplinary workforce are experienced in sourcing the right solutions for you. We understand that different situations require a different look, which is why we can lay any flooring, from single colour epoxy resin to the finest carpets.

Carpet to create the right impression

If the carpets in your workplace are dirty, worn and tatty, it is likely that they are creating a negative impression with your customers. No matter what your business, first impressions are always important, so investing in new commercial carpets could have an immediate positive impact. At Universal Contracting, we use only the highest quality carpets, ranging from office carpet tiles to bespoke fibre carpets and patterned contract carpeting.

Our quality commercial carpets are suitable for many different settings and applications, including offices, retail outlets, leisure centres, schools, colleges, hotels and even factories and industrial settings.

Commercial and industrial floor coatings

Whilst you might assume that we most regularly apply screed and epoxy floor coating in industrial environments, car parks and outdoor floor surfaces, we are also regularly required to provide coated floor solutions for retail outlets and offices, as well as public places such as leisure centres, gyms, libraries, convention centres, schools and universities.

Epoxy coating has many benefits:

  • Seamless and hard wearing
  • Anti-slip – prevents accidents
  • Easy to clean
  • Epoxy coating can be very aesthetically pleasing and has practically no limits when it comes to colour choices

While we lay poured concrete floors and monotonal surfaces, we can also provide flooring in bright, mixed colours, as well as installing a floor to match your companies branding. Whilst screed and epoxy coated floors may be commonly thought of as dull, this is not necessarily the case at all.

If you are unsure which floor surface is the best solution for your business, talk to the experts today. Call Universal Contracting on 01794 330 830, or fill in the quick form on our website.