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5 key benefits of outside refurbishment for industrial premises

If you own an industrial premises such as factory, workshop or warehouse it can be easy to focus on the internal conditions of the property rather than the outside.

However, whether you run your own business from the premises or rent to a commercial tenant, the external condition of your building can also be vitally important.

Here we list just five reasons why the professional outside refurbishment of your industrial premises can be good for business.


A key advantage of external refurbishment for industrial properties is that the outward appearance of the premises can be improved considerably, making a business more attractive to employees, customers and even potential buyers and investors.


Refurbishing the outside of an industrial property, especially issues with roofing and external walls, will play a significant role in weather-proofing your building. These works help to avoid seasonal problems such as flooding and damp and can help to avoid disruption to business operations.


External refurbishment provides an excellent opportunity to assess the safety of an industrial property and fix any issues. From faulty brickwork to loosened roof tiles, there are a wide range of potential safety hazards that can be fixed as a part of general refurbishment and decoration.

Avoiding future costs

Refurbishing your property now can help to protect the premises and you to avoid considerable future costs. There are a wide range of issues that can be recognised and fixed during a standard refurbishment operation that can, if left unattended, result in expensive problems in the future.

Adding value

If a time comes when you wish to sell an industrial property, external refurbishment will certainly make the premises more appealing for potential buyers and will likely add considerable value to the market price of the building.

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