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Why roofing refurbishment is a summer priority for your business

If the roofing on your business premises requires refurbishment, summer is certainly the best time for works to be undertaken. Here we list just a few reasons why the warmer months are an ideal time for a professional contractor to repair commercial roofing.

Get ready for winter

If you have already experienced issues with commercial roofing it’s highly advisable to have repair or refurbishment works performed before the return of the cold and wet winter weather. This can help to prevent accelerated structural damage caused by high winds and avoid leaking or flooding during periods of high rain, frost, or even snow.

Favourable conditions

It is naturally easier for contractors to perform outside works in the summer months when the days are longer and the weather is (usually) warmer and dryer. This means that open refurbishment work on commercial roofing can be performed on shorter schedules and with a reduced chance of interference from rain or other inclement weather conditions.

Protect your assets

If your commercial property is used to house valuable stock, machinery or is the base for your office, a leaking roof is the last thing you need in the winter months. Summer works can make sure that your all refurbishment is performed before the worst of Britain’s weather returns, leaving your roofing water-tight and insulated.

Prevent loss of earnings

Flooding in any office or commercial environment, especially during winter, is likely to mean the building is unfit for purpose while emergency repairs are performed. This can have an obvious effect on the operation of a business and its premises and result in an unwanted break in services for employees and clients.

Find out more

The team at Universal Contracting offer an expert roofing refurbishment service performed to the exact needs of your business.

So, if your commercial or retail premises is based in Hampshire, Surrey or the surrounding areas and you would like to learn more about how we can safeguard your roof – contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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