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Toilet Refurbishments: Six reasons why your business can benefit

Whilst toilets and washroom facilities for your business are a necessity, somehow, they are often near the bottom of the list when it comes to refurbishment. Many business owners underestimate just how important a modern and appealing washroom is and how it can affect workforce, visitors and customers.

Here are just six of the many reasons for investing in the washrooms on your premises.

Image and impressions

When someone is visiting your building for the first time, every room and every element contributes to their impression of your business. Just think… have you ever visited a restaurant, shop, hotel or any other venue where you have been pleasantly surprised or even disappointed by their washroom to the extent that you have felt the need to comment? It is this sort of experience that can provide customers and visitors with a great impression of your business. In contrast, if your washrooms are outdated and unappealing, this can give customers a negative vibe.

Add to the value of your property

If you are a landlord for commercial premises or a business owner considering selling, making a long-term investment like a toilet refurbishment can help to increase the value of your property. If you are looking for new leaseholders for your property, great facilities including clean and modern washrooms can help to seal the deal. If you are ready to leave your business and move on to new challenges, refurbished bathrooms can help to improve the saleability of your business.

Increase the morale and productivity of your team

There is no denying that your workforce will appreciate clean, comfortable and inviting washrooms. As the majority of us spend most of our waking hours at work, it is important to create as comfortable an environment as possible to keep staff feeling happy and valued as employees. A clean, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing work environment helps to improve team morale and therefore, productivity.

Happier customers

If your business is in the retail or hospitality sector, providing pleasant toilet facilities can help to improve their experience and encourage them to spend more time and more money in your premises.

Better hygiene

Whilst washrooms should be cleaned on a regular basis, refurbishing fixtures, fittings and tiles certainly helps to ensure that hygiene standards stay high. Over time, dirt and germs can become engrained in paintwork or wall tiles, as well as toilets, taps and wash basins. Toilet refurbishments help to keep washrooms as clean as possible.

Updated equipment

Refurbishing your washrooms provides the perfect opportunity to update equipment. In general, people like to have access to the latest tech, even when going to the toilet. Hands free technology such as toilet roll dispensers, toilet flushers, taps, soap dispensers and hand dryers help to keep your workforce and visitors happy.

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